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    Laptop Price in Bangladesh
    Hey guys Now you are in the right and trusted tech place. Are you looking for an authentic Laptop shop and a good Laptop within your budget? But hesitating to select, what would be the best. Don’t worry, Munshiganj IT Continuing 11 years of selling branded Laptops such as Razer, Apple, Asus, Acer, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft, MSI, Gigabyte, i-Life and Chuwi. So, you can check brand wise configuration of the latest Celeron Dual Core, Pentium Quad Core, Core i3, i5, i7 and i9 from the 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th Generation and buy the laptop of your choice. Following this fact, we have developed a user-friendly official site where you can search by alphabetical order, price, rating. The newly introduced filter option allows you to sort by size, processor type, generation, memory & storage capacity and other special features. This whole process will make your purchase decision a lot easier than ever. Compare by specifications to select the perfect configured machine.

    The market of laptops is quite saturated since its introduction and it is expanding depending on the usage. Considering the current demand of the users we have all the latest series such Dell’s Inspiron, Latitude and XPS, Acer’s Aspire and TravelMate, Asus’ Transformer Book, VivoBook and Zenbook, Lenovo’s IdeaPad and ThinkPad and HP’s Spectre, EliteBook, Envy, Pavilion and ProBook to assist your choice. Among these types, business laptops are designed with tough features to generate higher productivity and Ultrabooks with their limited size that omit optical disc drives and Ethernet ports are gaining popularity.

    Laptop brands & series you can consider to buy
    Many people look for low-priced laptops to buy. It is fairly easy to get a good quality brand new high or low budget laptop for a student, businessman, & even office user. The best part is, a new branded laptop has a very cheap or affordable price tag. The most popular brands available in BD are HP, Asus, Dell, Razer, Apple Macbook, Acer, Lenovo, Microsoft, MSI, Gigabyte, i-Life, Walton, Xiaomi MI, iLife, Chuwi, etc. They have at least one series available. Like Dell’s Inspiron, Latitude & XPS, Acer’s Aspire & TravelMate, Asus’ Transformer Book, VivoBook & Zenbook, Lenovo’s IdeaPad & ThinkPad, & HP’s Spectre, EliteBook, Envy, Pavilion, & ProBook. The price of any Asus laptop & HP laptop is most cost-efficient.

    Laptop for Student, freelancer, and Content Creator
    There are different types of Laptops available to buy in the market. Either you are a student, freelancer, content creator, or video editor, you can choose your laptop wisely to get maximum performance. The most common types of laptops available are:

    Notebook Laptop
    Notebook is another name for a full-sized laptop. They are well balanced in portability & functionality. They range from low-budget laptops to high-budget gaming laptops & Business series laptops. Intel laptops and Ryzen laptops are popular variants of laptops.

    Ultrabook Laptop
    These are a smaller version of Ultraportable laptops. The name Ultrabook is given by Intel. These laptops have a high level of security like hardware-level Anti-theft protection.

    Apple’s Macbook laptops have two main variants. The ultra-thin Macbook Air & the high-performance Macbook Pro. They both use MacOS. Recently all Macbook Air & Mac mini PCs use Apple’s Proprietary M1 single Chip-powered motherboards.

    Chromebooks are cloud-Storage based Laptops that run on Linux based Chrome OS operating system. They are popular for being cheap laptops for students. Some corporate groups also use these budget laptops.

    Gaming laptop
    Gaming laptops usually pack a high clock speed CPU, gaming motherboard, Graphics card & hi-powered air or liquid Coolers. They support a variety of gaming accessories like RGB lighting, Gaming keyboard & mouse.

    Intel laptops
    These Laptops are manufactured exclusively with intel’s Intel Core Series Processors namely Intel Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7, and modern Core i9 with the latest generations like 11th gen, 10th gen, 9th gen, 8th gen. These laptops are a good balance between budget and performance.

    AMD RYZEN laptops
    These Laptops are made with AMD’s RYZEN series processors; namely AMD RYZEN 3, RYZEN 5, RYZEN 7, and RYZEN 9 processors. These processors have a stable performance that almost rivals Intel. But the upgrade cost is higher.

    Laptop Buying Guide: What to Look before laptop purchase in 2022
    There are some important factors to consider before buying a budget laptop or notebook in 2022. Entry-level laptops are low-powered & used for normal tasks like web browsing, emailing & basic document processing. Mid-level laptops are the best laptop for students, families, business people, or any regular user, supporting most applications except HD PC Games. High-end laptops or gaming laptops are for heavier usage. Most laptops now use Windows 10 as an Operating System. Apple’s Macbook Laptops use McOS or OSX. Many other laptops use free Linux-based operating systems & Cloud base laptops use Chrome OS. Portability is the most important feature of a laptop. It is affected by various factors like the size & form factor. You can choose a good CPU from Intel or AMD. Intel has the latest 11th generation processors like Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7, Intel Core i9 & Intel Xeon. Where AMD has their latest 3rd generation processors like AMD A, FX, or E Series, RYZEN 3, RYZEN 5, RYZEN 7, RYZEN 9 CPU models available. You need at least 16GB RAM. But a minimum of 8 GB of RAM is a must-have for a good laptop. The highest amount of RAM capacity available in BD is 64 GB. Most RAMs use DDR3, DDR4, DDR5 as connectivity ports. You can either get a cheaper Hard Disc Drive or HDD which supports from 120GB up to 18TB. You can use a faster Solid State Drive or SSD which supports from 120GB up to 100TB. Laptops being highly portable need to have a battery with a longer standby time. You can connect your notebook with other devices using various connectivity options like Hi-Speed USB2.0, USB3.0, USB 3.1, USB type C, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & LAN.

    Best Laptop Shop in BD
    MUNSHIGANJ IT is the biggest Computer, laptop, & computing component shop in Bangladesh. You can visit Munshiganj IT Online shop or retail shop to buy your desired laptop at the best price. Our delivery covers all 64 districts in BD.