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    Buy Tablet PC at the Best Price in Bangladesh
    Tablet PCs are modern-day super compact computers. These devices are a bridge between a smartphone and a PC, with the functionality and portability of both. These PCs are a part of our daily life. They serve as a portable alternative to full-sized PCs. Graphics Tablet is one of the Most popular Tablet PCs used by Graphics Professionals.
    Available Tablet PC Brands to consider in 2022
    In 2022, you can buy your tablet PC from top brands with your desired specification. You can easily choose a Tablet PC from Apple iPad, Huion, Lenovo, XP-PEN, Acer, Microsoft Surface, Wacom, TWINMOS, Genius, VEIKK, i-Life, Huawei, Chuwei, etc.
    Types of Tablet PC you can buy
    Regardless of brand or specification, only two types of Tablet PCs are available:
    Regular Tablet PC
    These tablet PCs are the most common type available. An alternative to a Laptop or PC. Normally these Tabs are powered by batteries. There is a variety of OS and compatible software available for these types of PCs. But most of them use popular Operating Systems like Android or IOS.
    Graphics tablet PC
    Graphics Tablet Pcs are used by graphics designers all around the world. They are specially designed for graphics-related works.

    Things to consider before choosing the best Tablet PC
    It does not matter if you are purchasing a graphics tab or a regular one. There are a bunch of key factors you must keep in mind. These factors are:
    Size and Portability
    Tablet PC focuses on Portability. So, you must consider both the weight and the dimensions of the tab you are choosing. Currently, 7-inch to 12-inch tablet PCs are available in Market
    Display Quality
    The display is the utmost important part as it is the main interface panel. Display quality incorporates some variables like coating, viewing angle, brightness, and supported resolution. IPS and Amoled display Tabs are most popular nowadays
    Processors are another vital factor to consider. Tablet processors have different types. Such as Intel, Qualcomm, Samsung, MediaTek, HiSilicone, Nvidia, and exclusive Apple processors. It directly affects the battery life and performance of the tab.
    Random Access Memory or RAM temporarily holds data of the operating system. This practically affects the speed of the device. Like a PC; If you want a faster tablet, just buy one with a bigger RAM capacity.
    Tablets PCs use solid-state storage chips that are strong, smaller, and have a low power draw. Most tablet PCs have internal storage capacities from 4GB to 64GB. In recent times Tablet PCs are using next-gen storage chips with a larger capacity of up to 256GB.
    Operating System and software compatibility
    The Operating System and the number of software available for that OS are important. When it comes to Tablet PC Operating systems, Android, IOS, Amazon FireOS are some of the well-known Names.
    Battery Backup
    Depending on Screen quality, processor, and workload, tablet PC consumes power. For long time usage and higher workload Tablet PC manufacturers using a higher MAH battery with the Tablet PC.
    Connectivity and network
    Connectivity allows a user to connect his/her tablet PC with the internet or other devices. Tablet PC requires to have cellular, Wifi, Bluetooth or USB connectivity.
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