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    Acer Desktop Computer available at the best price in BD
    Acer Brand PC is the most budget-friendly one available in BD. Acer Brand PCs are marketed by the famous Taiwanese Tech company Acer Inc. Acer is a famous for manufacturing products like desktop PCs, laptops (clamshells, 2-in-1s, convertibles, and Chromebooks), Tablet PCs, Servers, Storage, VR devices, displays, smartphones, and peripherals, as well as gaming PCs and accessories under its Predator sub-brand and Nitro series. Acer has a few lineups of Prebuild PCs available. These Pre-build PCs have made quite a name for their quality and budget-friendly approach.

    Versatile Acer Brand PCs for Different Users
    Acer desktops run the gamut of Brand PCs from low to high-end, and all of them are very budget-friendly. Acer also produces Chromeboxes. Its gaming Brand PC lineup is from the Predator lie up. As we have mentioned earlier, Acer has only a handful of Pre-build Brand PCs available. Each of these series consists of only a handful number of models targeted toward various user types. Here we will highlight Acer’s different Prebuilt Brand PCs:

    Acer Desktop Brand PC For Students and Home users
    Student Desktop PCs are usually designed to be used on a regular basis for handling different assignments and projects on a day-to-day basis. These PCs are also good for home users who prefer browsing the internet and watching videos online. Acer puts a lot of emphasis on manufacturing PCs for students. Acer’s Student Brand PC lineup consists of Acer’s Aspire TC, Acer Vertion, and Acer ChromeBox CX series of Pre-built PCs. They manufacture a wide variety of Prebuilt desktop PCs and ChromeBoxes specifically targeted toward students or home users. Chrome Boxes are the desktop version of Google’s Chromebook laptop and run on the same web-based Operating system designed for students. They usually feature a mid-Tier Intel or AMD CPU alongside large storage from up to 2 TB. These PCs are featured with usually 4 GB RAM. In most cases the RAM is replaceable.

    Acer Bussiness PC For Enterprise needs
    The term Business PC denoted Desktop PCs designed to handle workloads of larger organizations. These PCs are designed with a moderated specification that can handle longer work hours and heavy data processing. Acer only manufactures a few lineups of these Bussiness Brand PCs and they include The Acer Aspire Veriton and the Aspire C and Z series of desktop PCs. These PCs often come with Intel or AMDs server-grade CPUs like the Xeon or Ryzen Pro CPUs. They usually feature a large capacity high speed SSD and an On board RAM although many models have an Additional slot for RAM. Since Enterprise or business PCs have to be heavily dependent on server-based data processing and file sharing these Brand PCs are equipped with hi-speed LAN and Wifi connectivity.

    Acer Brand PCs For Gamers and Graphics Professionals
    Acer’s Gaming Brand PC lineup includes The Nitro 50, Nitro 50AMD, the Aspire GX, and the Predator Tower Brand PCs. These PCs were designed solely for handling heavy resource-intensive tasks like gaming, content creation, and graphics design. These Brand PCs are powered by high-performance Intel Core or AMD Ryzen processors, large capacity SSD, and at least 8 GB of Hi-frequency RAMs. Apart from that, they feature a high-powered Power supply Unit and Nividia Geforce Graphics Cards to handle heavy tasks like HD video rendering and video editing. The casing of these PCs also features some form of Controllable ARGB lighting strips and premium insulation.

    Buy From the Best Brand PC Shop in Bangladesh
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